Urban cyclists paradise

Well, it might be a little too precious, but this is still a great little video about cycling life in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Here at St. Pete Bike Co-op we passionately believe that with some updated bike infrastructure our ‘Burg could get there one day because, in small cities, biking a few blocks for transportation just makes sense. You don’t need an expensive, latest-everything bike and certainly no special clothes if you’re riding a few miles to work or grocery store, or 5 blocks to an ice-cream shop. Any bike and whatever summer clothes you have will do! Just put on some sandals and shades, straddle that dusty bike, and go grab yourself a delicious piña colada or a refreshing gelato. Or pack some tasty snacks and head out for a picnic in the shade of any one of our gorgeous city parks!

On a side note, but still related to the video, Tour de France starts this Saturday. Think of it what you will, but it’s still one of the world’s largest sporting events and there’s nothing like it, so we are naturally excited about it. Our money is on Quintana, but that pesky Froome is not gonna go down without a fight! Either way, there will be some magnificent shots of mountain passes, charming French countryside, and castles. Lot’s of castles.

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