Shift St. Pete’s Block by Block ride was super fun!


On Saturday, July 11, we joined our friends from Shift St. Pete for their very first event – Block by Block –  a casual bike ride highlighting the ease of bike and pedestrian commuting between St. Petersburg’s historic and wonderful Kenwood neighborhood to the Deuces Live second Saturday market on recently revitalized stretch of 22nd Street South. At the beginning of our ride, Andy and Alec from Shift St. Pete welcomed a few dozen cyclists that showed up for the event and said a few words about their organization and the general purpose of the event. They also informed us about some new and exciting cycling-specific signs and infrastructure that apparently appeared overnight on the streets and in the neighborhoods we were about to ride through. Whaaaaaat, we said!? How exciting!

Filled with excitement and curiosity, we got on our bikes and headed toward the market. Lucky for you, our team of skilled on-bike photographers was along for the ride and through the miracle of internet and hyper-realistic iphone5s photography you get to enjoy the highlights of the ride as well, almost as if you were riding on their handlebars. Below are a few photos and you can view the complete gallery here. Enjoy!


First of the mysterious signs we were warned about.


1 car-parking space can fit 20+ bikes. Enough said.


Taking the lane on Central Avenue.


Alec points out the fresh signage indicating travel times between neighborhoods by bike and on foot.


Parking bikes at the Deuces Live market.


Pete takes care of bikes.




Our setup at the market.

If you missed the event, have no fear. Shift St. Pete is just getting started and they will not rest until many more events such as this one are organized all over our wonderful city. Judging from this event alone, they are well on their way to fully realizing  their ultimate goal of making St. Pete a cycling and pedestrian paradise it deserves to be. Now that’s something we can all get behind!

Congratulations to Shift St. Pete on organizing such a cool event, and big thanks to everyone that showed up for the ride. Keep pedaling friends!



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