Many of us here at the Bike Co-op have full time jobs, families, partners, pets that need to be fed, laundry that needs to be washed, or Netflix shows that won’t watch themselves. Finding the time to keep the shop open can sometimes be challenging, so we are always in need of volunteers to keep the co-op humming. It would be great to add longer hours and more open shop days so that we can serve our great community even better.

So, if you like bikes and know that park tool is not slang for an idiot in a park, that’s great – we want you. If you just like bikes and don’t know anything about them other that they have two wheels and pedals, that’s also great – we want you! If you don’t think that much about bikes, but like volunteering, helping people, or enjoy learning new things, that’s great – we want you! It’s oh so satisfying! And you’ll be sure to make new friends while giving back to the local St. Pete Cycling Community!

The best thing to do is simply come by the shop and talk to us! Hang out, work on your bike, and get to know us. We’re a pretty goofy and relaxed bunch. Or if you’d like to apply to become a volunteer, click here!

Keep in mind that we are a very small shop with limited space and limited resources. We do not always have jobs for all those wishing to volunteer their time but we will do our best to accommodate! We greatly appreciate everyone who shows interest in our little organization, but volunteers must apply and become accepted before working a shift. This helps us keep things running as smoothly as possible. There are often special events that offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, so keep an eye out on our Facebook Page or our Instagram!

Looking forward to meeting you! Get involved! You won’t regret it!

Apply to volunteer