How it Works

There are several ways to get involved with the Co-op:


The St. Pete Bike Co-op is a cooperative bike repair shop run by volunteers. We provide the parts, tools and expertise you need to help you fix and maintain your bike. We are a 501c3, tax exempt, non-profit, volunteer run, community organization. Your donations over and above membership fees are tax deductible.

Your responsibilities as a Member:

  • Clean up after yourself and put away the parts and tools you use
  • Respect the requests of Co-op Mechanics, Volunteers and Staff
  • Respect other patrons
  • Use our parts and tools with care
  • Do not take tools from the Bench area
  • Do not take parts or bicycles from the storage area without the consent of a Mechanic
  • Do not steal from us!

If you violate any of these responsibilities, your membership may be revoked at anytime and you may be asked to leave. This is a safe space. Any sexism, class-ism, homophobia or racism will not be tolerated! This is a space where you will not be judged by your gender, sexual orientation, race, class or the type of bike you ride. You will be judged by your behavior. Mechanics, Staff and Volunteers of the St. Pete Bike Co-op reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. You agree to take responsibility for your work at the Co-op and its effects on your safety. While the St. Pete Bike Co-op agrees to help you fix your bicycle, we cannot take responsibility for your safety or the safety of others while you are in visiting or when you leave the St. Pete Bike Co-op. In addition, we allow Members free use of tools and parts at their own risk; we cannot take responsibility for risks inherent in the use of our tools and parts, or for any injuries sustained while using our facility. Although all volunteer mechanics are screened for their skills, we cannot guarantee the soundness of their advice, nor the performance of your bicycle once your leave the St. Pete Bike Co-op.  Ultimately, the safety and performance of your bicycle is your responsibility.

The benefits of being a member are:

  • 1 Year Membership = $60 –100 (pay what you can):
    • Access to shop and tools during open hours
      • Limited to one major component per visit (Breaks, Bars/Headset, Wheels, Bottom Bracket/Cranks, Derailers)
    • Advice from mechanics
    • Ability to purchase used parts (all parts must be installed at time of purchase, at the co-op and leave on a bike)
    • Priority enrollment for classes
  • 1 Time Membership = $10 (pay what you can):
    • Access to shop and tools during open hours
      • Limited to one major component per visit (Breaks, Bars/Headset, Wheels, Bottom Bracket/Cranks, Derailers)
    • Advice from mechanics

To become a member purchase a one year membership for $60 -­$100 (pay what you can). You may also earn a one ­year membership by volunteering for 6 hours (pending application acceptance). Download our Membership Application here!.


We are non-profit, all volunteer run, community organization. We are frequently seeking people with bicycle mechanic skills to help out in the shop. We also often need help with things like checking people in, signing up new members, sorting and washing parts, washing bikes, special events, bike valet, etc, etc. So don’t be shy, even if you don’t have bicycle mechanic skills! Email us at, send us a message on our FB page, or the very best way to get involved is to come by the shop and see us. Work on your bike. Get to know us and us you. We’re looking forward to meeting you! You can find a few more details about volunteering here.

Keep in mind that we are a small shop with limited space and limited resources. We do not always have jobs for all those wishing to volunteer their time. We greatly appreciate everyone who shows interest in our little organization, but volunteers must apply and become accepted before working a shift.


Donate your time, your old bikes, bike parts, or good old cold hard cash to help support the St. Pete Bike Co-op! Check out our Wish List. Your donations are tax deductible!


Join or renew for 2 years and receive a free t-shirt from the shirts we have in stock at the shop!